Melania will star in new PSAs aimed at stopping the spread of coronavirus

First Lady Melania Trump will star in new PSAs aimed at stopping the spread of the coronavirus.

Melania is a frequent star of the White House YouTube channel’s videos and recently attended the International Women of Courage Awards.

DailyMail reports the White House is putting out First Lady Melania Trump as part of an organized campaign of public service announcements on the coronavirus that deploys media organizations the president often derides as ‘fake news.’

The first lady, who has her own ‘Be Best’ campaign dealing with online bullying and other issues, will join U.S. health officials in the effort. Their work will ‘appear in national broadcast PSAs that communicate the most important ways Americans can protect themselves and those most at risk,’ according to the White House.

Others taking part will be Surgeon General Jerome Adams, infectious disease expert Dr. Anthony Fauci, and Dr. Deborah Birx, who coordinates the coronavirus task force.

Those health officials have regularly joined President Trump at press briefings, where he has also been telling Americans what they can do to stay safe, even as he fields questions about why the administration didn’t do more to build hospitals, order masks, or get testing online sooner. Trump has told people to wash their hands regularly, stay away from bars and restaurants, and take part in ‘social isolation.’

Fauci is a TV savvy medical expert who has popped up on all manner of programs to try to urge precautions and explain complex medical issues to the nation.

Other first ladies have engaged in PSAs. Michelle Obama did one against voter apathy that encouraged people to vote.