Megyn Kelly “Trump is winning so far”

Former Fox News host Megyn Kelly, who is not at all considered a Trump supporter tweeted moments ago “Trump is winning so far.”

She added:

Yes! Let them debate/engage!

Biden re Rudy: “well, I shouldn’t… well, I will!” Behind these scenes, Biden’s ppl: NOOOOOOOOOOOO

Trump’s control here shows his interruptions/aggression in first debate was a strategy. He can control himself just fine.

DT: “you were getting a lot of money from Russia! You and your family… you owe an explanation to the American ppl… maybe right now.”

More from Megyn:

Biden: “my son has not made money in terms of China.” How about Ukraine?

Ugh! That’s it??? A total pass!

Not heard from Biden: those emails are fake. The laptop isn’t Hunter’s.

I’m sorry but 30 secs on the Hunter allegations is a joke.

Trump disciplined- staying on Hunter, the emails, Joe’s alleged cut, etc.

DT w/the tell-it-like-it-is moment: he pivots off of China and looks at the audience. Typical politician. I’m not one. That’s why I won.