Megyn Kelly rips Kamala’s debate demeanor “Don’t smirk. Don’t shake your head. Don’t smile mockingly”

Megyn Kelly live tweeted her feedback during last night’s debate between VP Pence and Kamala Harris.

Several of Kelly’s tweets were critical of Harris’ facial expressions that have gone viral on Twitter.

In chronological order – Kelly wrote:

“Pence projects “gentleman.” Tough to dislike. So far Kamala looks professional, calm. Should stop the head shaking.”

“Don’t smirk. Don’t shake your head. Don’t smile mockingly. Wait.”

“Omg the head shake.”

“Take it like a woman. Don’t make faces.”

“Instead of “like a man.” We can be stoic too”

“The “I’m speaking, *I’m* speaking” thing worked at first. Now it’s getting old.”

This is the “I’m speaking. I’M speaking” moment Kelly is referring to.