Megyn Kelly chimes in on chaotic clash, warns Behar her defense of skin darkening could lead to backlash

Moments ago, Megyn Kelly chimed in after the explosive appearance of Kim Klacik on “The View.”

Kelly wrote “So… I’m pretty sure that saying skin tinting to look like a Black woman – even if meant to honor her -is not OK, & warning: could lead to serious backlash.”

She added “In fact, just suggesting that intent is relevant could lead to pieces on GMA, all eve news, in the NYT, etc. We’ll see…”

A panel on @TheView turns chaotic following an exchange with host Joy Behar and GOP candidate Kim Klacik:

Klacik: “Is this Joy speaking? The same Joy that paraded around in blackface not too long ago?”

Behar: “It was homage.”

After the exchange Don Jr. wrote “Apparently, @TheView’s resident blackface enthusiast, @JoyVBehar, isn’t a big fan of strong conservative black women like @kimKBaltimore. ”

An AP article February 7, 2019 refers to Joy Behar’s use of “blackface” in the title.