Megyn Kelly blasts Pelosi for claiming Biden has a big “mandate”

Megyn Kelly has blasted House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for claiming Biden has a  big mandate in a presser earlier today.

Kelly tweeted “Pelosi says Biden has a “huge mandate.” Really? Dems lost seats when supposed to gain them in her chamber, d/n/gain control of Senate, saw DT win more votes than ever with minority groups, & did not see the promised Blue Wave. Truth will prevail in Jan. when gridlock settles in.”

Pelosi said earlier Friday “It’s a happy day for our country,”during her weekly presser.

“I think Joe Biden has a big mandate, a bigger mandate than John F. Kennedy when I was in school,” the house speaker claimed.

Jonathan Turley tweeted “Nancy Pelosi just called the election “a huge mandate” for Joe Biden. That is a rather curious statement given our ongoing monitoring of razor thin margins as well as the loss of seats in the House and the apparent failure to retake the Senate (despite record Democratic spending)”