Meghan McCain claims she’s been “overworking” her entire adult life, calls herself “the queen of burnout”

Exiting Co-host of “The View” Meghan McCain claimed she’s been “overworking” her entire adult life, and called herself “Queen of the burnout” in a new Instagram post.

McCain writes “This has been me my entire adult life. Trust me I love working and the satisfaction I get from it but I have been the queen of burnout for a long, long time. It only took my dad dying of terminal brain cancer, suffering a horrendous miscarriage, a global pandemic where I thought I would most likely die of covid while pregnant and then experiencing first time motherhood isolated and alone in quarantine for me to receive this knowledge and really start believing it. Trust me, I believe it now. I also feel my mortality and the finite amount of time a human lifespan is more than ever. Also, that there’s nothing in this world guaranteed – most especially tomorrow.”