Megan Rapinoe Signals Defiance After Olympic Committee Bans Political Protests, Vows “We Will Not Be Silenced”

U.S. Soccer Star Megan Rapinoe reacted to a recently announced ban on Olympic political protests with a post that signaled defiance.

The post made on Instagram from Rapinoe reads “so much being done about the protests. So little being done about what we are protesting. We will not be silenced.”

Rapinoe has famously taken the knee during the national anthem and was apparently originally inspired by Colin Kaepernick.

CBS reported no taking a knee, no political hand gestures and no disrespect during medal ceremonies. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) posted a three-page guideline on Thursday that reiterates Rule 50 of the Olympic Charter. It clearly states how and when athletes can protest during the 2020 Tokyo games.

The IOC said athletes are banned from protesting while on the field of play, in the Olympic Village and during medal and other official ceremonies. However, they are allowed to express political opinions during press interviews outside the Village, in meetings and on traditional and social media.

“We believe that the example we set by competing with the world’s best while living in harmony in the Olympic Village is a uniquely positive message to send to an increasingly divided world,” the IOC said in a statement. “This is why it is important, on both a personal and a global level, that we keep the venues, the Olympic Village and the podium neutral and free from any form of political, religious or ethnic demonstrations.”