Meadows: Trump is the only thing standing between Americans and the “mob”

Fox News reports White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows said Monday that President Trump is the only entity standing between the law-abiding American people and the left-wing mob that has set fire to city neighborhoods, defaced and destroyed public property and continues to call for the restriction of law enforcement.

Meadows told “Hannity” that tragic stories like the uptick in violence in various cities will continue to repeat itself until the unrest is dealt with by the local officials.

“[Trump] is the only thing that stands between the mob and the American people. First, it’s the statues. Then it’s the businesses. Then it’s their homes,” he said.

“Sadly, we have had a loss of life — and yet this president is willing, and not only willing but has already put forth, federal resources to make sure that we can restore law and order. He did that about ten days ago; not only in D.C. but across the nation.”

Meadows said the “untold story” amid the unrest is how the president is utilizing the federal government to both respond to and protect communities seeing such issues.

“This president was willing and did indeed provide federal resources in Minneapolis, as you mentioned — Also in Seattle [and] Portland.”

Over the weekend in Adams County, Pa., local reports said Trump’s Department of Homeland Security also had officers on the ground at Gettysburg National Military Park — in the case of such violence cropping up on the coincidence of the July 4th holiday and the anniversary of the July 1-3, 1863 Civil War battle — as the park features innumerable memorials of both Union and Confederate notation.

“When we look at some of these cities, as he goes forward, he’s making sure that we have not only the Department of Justice, but the Department of Homeland Security and others to make sure that our communities are safe,” Meadows said.

The former North Carolina congressman called on presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden to finally condemn the forces that are calling for defunding the police.

“It’s not enough to be against that policy. He needs to come out and say, you have to go the other way and support our law enforcement officers,” Meadows said.