Meadows Blasts “Absurdity” of Schiff’s New Guidelines for Impeachment Hearing

According to Kyle Cheney of Politico, House Intel Chair Adam Schiff revealed questions that witnesses must speak to in order to be considered relevant to impeachment hearings.

Cheney adds

SCHIFF’s questions are crucial because it shows how narrowly Democrats intend to keep the lens of their public impeachment hearings — it’s an early attempt to prevent a free-for-all and keep the focus on Trump’s actions.

Rep. Mark Meadows was not a fan of the guidelines and argued Schiff’s own first two witnesses are not within their parameters.

Setting aside the absurdity of these restrictions—note that the Democrats won’t even be able to stay within their own parameters.

The first two witnesses they’re calling have never even talked to POTUS. They have zero firsthand knowledge. How can they speak to his motive

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