McSally Says if Dems Win Back Senate “They’re going to make D.C. & Puerto Rico a state & get 4 new Democrat Senators”

In a new interview, Martha McSally who is facing a tough Senate race discussed the potential repercussions if Democrats win back the Senate.

“They’re going to make D.C. & Puerto Rico a state & get 4 new Democrat Senators. We’d never get the Senate back again. And look, this is just the implications of this seat, the implications of this vote.”


Asked why voters should not choose her opponent, Mark Kelly, McSally responded:

“My opponent is trying to pretend he’s not a Democrat. You want to run as an Independent? Run as an Independent. He’s trying to pretend he’s not with the radical left agenda that his party is peddling–that is out of step with Arizonans.”

NBC: To individuals here who are considering voting for President Trump, what would you tell them?

@MarthaMcSally: “Do you want to continue to have freedoms & opportunities & innovation in America & lower taxes & security? Then vote for us.”

NBC: Why do you think you are where you are in the polls right now?

@MarthaMcSally: “I’ll just tell you this is a dead-heat election. Don’t be fooled by any of the public polls out there…Chuck Schumer’s gonna have to pry that Senate majority out of my cold, dead hands.”