McDaniel: Whitmer Is Auditioning For VP And Michiganders Are Not Benefiting

Appearing on CNN, GOP Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel argues that Michigan governor Whitmer is auditioning For VP And Michiganders are not benefiting.

Charles Payne:

Your governor has been mentioned as a potential VP candidate. I mean really, could that be influencing these critical life and death issues for her constituents?

Ronna McDaniel:

You know, she is on TV now more than Adam Schiff was during the Russia hearings.

I mean, she is the new star of TV and the Democrat media darling. And I think it is unfortunate that she is completely eliminated checks and balances in our state, that she’s not working with the Republican-led legislature.

Think about the tension that would ease with Republicans and Democrats in the state to see a bipartisan face put forward like you’re seeing with the President, who’s working with Democrat governors, whether they like him or not, he’s going to work based on best interests of the people in their state. He is working with the Senate and the House to get the CARES Act through and PPP. Our governor isn’t.

She has the final word, she has no interest in listening to anybody, and she is auditioning for vice president and I think our state is not benefiting from her audition.

Appearing on “The View” earlier this month,  Whitmer addressed the possibility of being vice president and people in her state ignoring stay-at-home orders.