McConnell easily wins Kentucky Senate primary, Will Face McGrath or Booker in November

Per Marketwatch, Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who has positioned himself as President Donald Trump’s most crucial congressional ally, easily won his party’s nomination Tuesday night in Kentucky in his bid for a seventh term.

McConnell, who has worked closely with Trump on cutting taxes and putting conservatives on the federal bench, faced only token opposition from a group of Republican challengers in the Bluegrass State’s primary. In an unprecedented move, the state allowed widespread absentee mail-in voting because of the coronavirus pandemic. It might be days before McConnell knows who his Democratic opponent will be in the fall.

The Hill reports McConnell easily dispatched a crowded field of Republicans challenging him for the nomination, leading with 87 percent of the vote after 7 percent of precincts had reported, according to The Associated Press. None of McConnell’s rivals had close to his name recognition or fundraising.

McConnell has emerged as a top target for Democrats over his refusal to consider a litany of Democratic measures that have passed the House and his strong support for President Trump’s agenda.

McConnell also angered Democrats after refusing to set a confirmation hearing for Merrick Garland, who was selected by former President Obama in 2016 to replace the late Justice Antonin Scalia. Since his election, Trump has appointed two Supreme Court Justices: Neil Gorsuch, who replaced Scalia, and Brett Kavanaugh, who replaced retired Justice Anthony Kennedy.

McConnell will face either Amy McGrath or progressive state Rep. Charles Booker (D) in November, depending on who wins the Democratic primary. That race has gotten increasingly close as Booker has seen a surge in support amid nationwide protests against police brutality and systemic racism.