McCarthy rips Biden over gas prices “Their whole plan is all about the Green New Deal, right?”

Speaking with Breitbart News, GOP House Minority leader Kevin McCarthy tore into the Biden admin over rising gas prices.

“If you listen to the White House, they say having a high price of gasoline is good, right?” McCarthy said. “Their whole plan is all about the Green New Deal, right? There is a bridge before you ever move from a combustion engine or others. If you have an electric car, you have to charge it. You have to have electricity for it. If you want to buy an electric car, they’re about $50,000.”

“I would love a Tesla, but I can’t afford a Tesla. How many Americans can afford a Tesla?” McCarthy added. “In their reconciliation bill, they reward those—and they reward people that already have the wealth to do it. But then they’re punishing those that are working day to day, hour to hour, paycheck to paycheck—they’re making them pay more. So they’re making those families sacrifice so a family making $800,000 a year you’re going to subsidize an electric car for them?”

“Energy policy is connected in many different ways. One, with the economy, simply because if you have lower gas prices, people have more money and they have the ability to produce the products here in America and compete overseas,” McCarthy added.

“It also has to do with geopolitical. The world is safer when America is energy independent because when America is energy independent we’re not just for America—we are the Saudi Arabia of natural gas. It’s also to deal with the environment. A pipeline is the safest way to move it, not offshore it. The other part you have to think is if we’re not producing it, we’re still consuming it. So where are we getting this from?” he asked.

“We’re getting it from other countries. We’re getting it from other countries that don’t have the same beliefs that we do. They don’t produce it the same environmentally sound way that we do. When you look at CO2 emissions, America has lowered theirs more so than any other country combined compared to what we’ve been able to do recently. We did it at the same time we became energy independent because we focused not just on natural gas but think of this natural gas produced in America is 42 percent cleaner than the natural gas that’s produced in Russia,” McCarthy said.