McCarthy Guarantees Republicans Will Win the House majority in 2022 After Wave of 2020 Pick Ups

In a new interview with the Washington Post, GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy guaranteed Republicans would take back the House in 2022 after a strong performance in the 2020 elections.

Republicans have already gained 8 seats and are leading in most of the remaining 6 races yet to be called.

The performance of the Republicans in House races proved wrong a wildly incorrect election night estimate by the Fox News decision desk that estimated Democrats would add five seats.

Many conservatives are upset at the Fox News decision desk for this as well as calling Arizona election night. Some are even boycotting the network.

McCarthy told the Washington Post “We have never been stronger in the sense of what the future holds for us — we have never been in a stronger position.”

“We won this by adding more people to the party. And we won this in an atmosphere where we were the one group that everyone guaranteed we would lose. And we’re the ones who won,” he added.