McCabe claims there is “undeniable intelligence” that “would risk casting the president in a very negative light”

Appearing on CNN with Chris Cuomo, former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe claimed “There is some very, very serious, very specific undeniable intelligence that has not come out that if it were released would risk compromising our access to that sort of information in the future. I think it would also risk casting the president in a very negative light.”

He added “It’s almost incomprehensible to me that he would want that information out. I don’t see how he spins it to his advantage. I don’t believe it’s flattering.”

Former Bill Clinton White House staffer Joe Lockhart wrote “Don’t sleep on this story. McCabe is very clear that the whole story about Trump’s misdeeds has not come out yet, but needs to be kept secret to protect sources and methods. In new Administration, public has the right to know as much of this as possible.”