DC mayor requests Trump withdraw all federal law enforcement and military from city, joins protesters on streets

Friday, D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser shared the following letter to President Trump.

Bowser tweeted “I request that @realDonaldTrump withdraw all extraordinary federal law enforcement and military presence from our city.”

“The deployment of federal law enforcement personnel and equipment are inflaming demonstrators and adding to the grievances of those who, by and large, are peacefully protesting for change and reforms to the racist and broken systems that are killing Black Americans,” Bowser said.

Per CNN, one day after Washington, DC, Mayor Muriel Bowser requested President Donald Trump remove additional law enforcement and out-of-city National Guard, she joined thousands of protesters on the streets of the nation’s capital on Saturday.

“We should all be watching what’s happening in Washington, DC, because we don’t want the federal government to do this to any other Americans,” Bowser said while walking through downtown DC with protesters.

At least tens of thousands, it is estimated, participated in a series of peaceful protests across the District Saturday. The Metropolitan Police Department estimated there were at least 6,000 protesters at several locations as of noon, which was before any major events began. Several different protests scattered across the city later in the day drew major crowds. A spokeswoman for the department told CNN there had been no arrests.

Bowser had a pointed political message for the President, tweeting on Saturday, “In November, we say ‘next,'” with a picture of her addressing a crowd on Saturday.