Waters Suggests Trump “using coronavirus as an opportunity to reward big GOP donors”

In a series of tweets, Maxine Waters asked several questions clearly aimed at pushing the theory that President Trump is “using coronavirus as an opportunity to reward big GOP donors.”

Waters tweeted:

Is Trump using the federal government to block the states from being able to purchase PPE or forcing them to sale to the federal stockpile? Many states can’t get equip b/c Trump is outbidding them — but then he’s not sending the supplies to all states…WHY?

Would Trump dare use as an opportunity to reward big GOP donors & place people in our country in a vulnerable position b/c the PPE hasn’t been available to the states? Very suspicious! Are these new GOP companies getting PPE from what Kushner called “our stockpile”?

Wow! Big $ GOP donor Mike Gula leaving his firm to sell medical supplies/PPE! Where is he getting the supplies & how can he fill 100 million orders of masks when states can’t get them? What are his relationships? Will his PPE come from fed stockpile?

Appearing on Chris Hayes, Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) accused President Trump of not looking good and sending the wrong messages.

Chris Hayes:

You’ve served in Congress for a long time. You’ve seen different congressional caucuses come and go, different leadership structures, different presidents. Does it strike you, I’m curious how it strikes you to watch Republicans who, during the Obama administration, particularly everything was austerity, where is the money coming from? How are you going to pay for that? Today say hey, we got to load up $250 billion, let’s have a vote on it today. A striking turn about it seems to me.

Maxine Waters:

Absolutely because they understand that not only are the people that Democrats care about, the least to these, people who work on minimum wages, now what you have, you have businesses of all sizes that are being jeopardized by what is going on.

So when you see the Fed roll out with the new program that they refer to as, you know, the program where they’re saying that it is targeted to mid-sized banks and bigger businesses as well as the smaller businesses. They have a lot of people who are being jeopardized by this pandemic that we’re experiencing. They better stand up for them because already, history is recording every step that we make.

The president doesn’t look too good. He has confused people. He’s sent the wrong messages. He’s been giving advice he should not have given. Now I think that perhaps they believe that they can wipe away that history. I want to tell you it’s going to remain recorded.

We’re going to fight for everything. Those Republicans who are getting in line and who are fighting with us understand it’s not just people that they think are undeserving that are getting help, it is all across this country in all of our congressional districts, big and small and middle-sized and all of that.


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