Maxine Waters Claims Trump Will Bring Putin to the White House if Exonerated

Rep. Maxine Waters has made a prediction that President Trump will bring Putin into the White House next year if he’s exonerated by the Senate.

Waters tweeted:

Revelation by former WH officials proves what we’ve known all along: Trump is . Trump repeated Putin’s talking point that Ukraine, not Russia, interfered in the ‘16 election. Mark my words. If the Senate doesn’t remove him, Trump will invite Putin to the WH next yr.

Waters then repeated the same claim while appearing on MSNBC’s “All in”

Maxine Waters:

When I came to those conclusions early and starting the discussion, I wanted to sound the alarm that we better pay attention. And finally, it came to that, and I really knew that it would because of his character that he would not stop.

And if he’s exonerated by the Senate when they do the trial, he’s going to get even worse. And I tell you, and I will predict he’s going to bring Putin into the White House for a meeting.

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