Mary Trump isn’t ruling out a future run for Office “I can’t say that I would never do it”

Mary Trump, the niece of former President Trump that is a very outspoken critic of him isn’t ruling out a future run for Office herself.

“People have asked me that before, and they thought that I was giving them a typical political answer when I said that I didn’t know, or that I didn’t consider it. But I was truly just being honest. I don’t know what life has in store for me,” Mary Trump said when asked if she would run for office during an interview for “The Advocate.”

“I can’t say that I would never do it,” she continued “on the one hand, but on the other hand I really think there is something to be said for staying outside of politics and having a voice. I don’t have to be constrained in a way that I would be if I was a politician, and had to spend most of my time raising money. Now, I live in New York City, one of the most liberal parts of the country, so it’s not like I wouldn’t be representing people who are a different political stripe than I am. But that’s a question that I honestly don’t have an answer for, at least not yet.”

During the same interview, Mary Trump said “If you look at Donald’s time in office, 100 percent of the government of his administration represented something like 22 percent of the very worst of the U.S. population. What’s even more frightening is that over 10 million more people voted for him in 2020, despite knowing who he was, and all the destruction he caused. If you supported him, you supported racism. There is no gray area. I have wiped from my life every single person who supported him. There is no saying, ‘oh, I’m not racist, I just like tax cuts.’