Marsha Blackburn asked about stalling tactic Dems may use on Barrett confirmation

Appearing on Fox News with Steve Hilton, Tennessee Governor expressed confidence that Judge Amy Coney Barrett will be confirmed this month.

Hilton asked about a potential stalling tactic he said he had heard Democrats could deploy.

“One very technical thing but it sounded worrying to me, perhaps you can help us understand it,” Hilton said.

He then explained “I had someone talk earlier today about this question of the quorum needed for a vote and the scenario they were looking at was if the Democrats boycott the hearings on Thursday and don’t show up on Thursday when your committee votes to move this forward, because you’ve got 2 Republicans absent through coronavirus, Mike Lee and Thom Tillis, that means that you can’t get the quorum necessary to actually advance it and it’s delayed by a week. What do you make of all of that?”

Blackburn replied “I think that you will see us move forward on Thursday. You will see us move forward on the 22nd with a final vote to move her from committee and then you will see us on the floor of the 25th or 26th to confirm her.”