Mark Ruffalo makes political statement after winning Emmy, pleads “vote for love and compassion and kindness”

After winning an Emmy Award last night for his role in HBO’s “i Know This Much Is True” Mark Ruffalo, known for his role as “The Hulk” decided to make a political statement.

Ruffalo is very active on Twitter and is often retweeting prominent Democrats including Maxine Waters and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Ruffalo staid “We have to come together with love for each other, and if you have privilege, you have to fight for those who are less fortunate and more vulnerable. That’s what’s great about America, our diversity, and the one thing I’ve learned in my family, is that we are stronger together, when we love each other and we respect each other’s diversity.”

Ruffalo pivoted to the upcoming November election.

“We have a big, important moment ahead of us,” he said ” Are we gonna be a country of division, hatred, and a country only for a certain kind of people, or are we gonna be one of love and strength and fighting for…all of us have the American dream, and the pursuit of life and liberty and love and happiness in this great country of ours? That’s what we’re facing right now.”

“So get out and vote, make a plan, and vote for love and compassion and kindness,” Ruffalo concluded.