Mark Morgan of CBP disputes narrative officers are unidentified “Every officer is identified clearly on the front, back & sides”

During a press conference Tuesday, Mark Morgan of the CBP said reports and claims that CBP agents are unidentified or operating in secret are false.


Morgan also tweeted:

The USBP agent in this photo is identified by his USBP patch & unique agent identifier.

Yet, this headline (& others like it) say @CBP agents are unidentified or operating in secret. It’s FALSE. Agents wear patches to identify themselves, even more than those shown in this photo.

Morgan also tweeted:

Contrary to reports, @CBP personnel wear patches that identify them as:

Border Patrol
Unique agent identifier

However,the level of identification does not appear to be sufficient for Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Monday, Rep. AOC announced:

The United States of America should not have secret police.

Federal law enforcement officers should have their identifying information displayed while on duty.

This is basic.

@EleanorNorton and I have introduced legislation to make it law: