Mark Hamill Rips Ivanka After She Shares Photo of Son in Star Wars Costume

Saturday, Ivanka Trump shared a photo of her family that included one of her children in a full Star Wars “Stormtrooper” outfit.

Ivanka added the caption “The Force is strong in my family.”

Anti-Trump actor Mark Hamill, who played Luke Skywalker in Star Wars, took aim at Ivanka, and tweeted:

You misspelled “Fraud.”

Some Anti-Trump fans of Hamill cheered him on.

However some others were not impressed.

One conservative wrote “Attacking young Star Wars fans is a dick move.”

Ashley St. Clair wrote:

It’s a picture of a kid in a costume from your movies.

I know Disney wimpifying your character was tough on you but get a life man.

Perhaps extending an olive branch, Mark Hamill retweeted someone who wrote “Forget the parents….this kid rocks.”

Hamill added “Agreed.”

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