Marine who went viral criticizing the Biden admin now charged with 6 crimes after being released from jail

Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller, the Marine who went viral criticizing the Biden admin handling of the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan has been released from jail and charged with six crimes.

According to Fox News “Scheller is accused of displaying contempt toward officials, disrespecting superior commissioned officers, willfully disobeying a superior commissioned officer, dereliction in the performance of his duties and failure to obey an order or regulation, and displaying conduct unbecoming an officer and a gentleman.”

Per the report:

The Marine Corps contends that members should use their chain of command to voice concerns, not publicly criticize leadership on social media.

But many have defended Scheller as his case winds its way through military courts, which has helped the outspoken officer raise funds through the Pipe Hitter Foundation.

The Pipe Hitter Foundation, run by former Navy SEAL Eddie Gallagher after he faced a court martial in 2019 over allegations of war crimes, has contributed funds to Scheller’s legal defense.

Scheller’s father, Stu Scheller Sr. said “All our son did is ask the questions that everybody was asking themselves, but they were too scared to speak out loud. He was asking for accountability. In fact, I think he even asked for an apology that we made mistakes, but they couldn’t do that, which is mind-blowing.”