Marianne Williamson Falls for Obviously Fake News Story that Trump Pardoned Charles Manson

Fringe 2020 candidate Marianne Williamson deleted a tweet she made Sunday showing she fell for an obviously fake news story that claimed President Trump pardoned Charles Manson.

Samantha Chang wrote “This is a Democratic presidential contender. 🙄 They can never spot fake news because they consume a steady diet of CNN, NY Times and Puff Ho.”

Marianne Williamson apparently issued an apology but that apology tweet may have been deleted.

Per FoxNews, according to fact-checking website, the story about Trump and Manson is satirical and stems from a phony article published on Nov. 16 by It was then picked up by political website the Daily Kos, which didn’t label the article satire, and it seems Williamson picked up on it over the weekend.

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