Manchin says he’ll never change mind on filibuster, dashing hopes for many Dems

Democrat Senator Joe Manchin made it clear to reporter Jason Donner he will “never” change his mind and support ending the filibuster, a move favored by many Democrats who hope to force Biden’s agenda through without obstruction by Republicans.

Asked if he’d ever change his mind on the filibuster, Manchin responded “Never!” He then asked Donner “Jesus Christ, what don’t you understand about never?”

Per Fox News “Manchin’s opinion on the filibuster is important because the Senate is evenly split 50-50, with the deciding vote going to Vice President Harris. In most legislation, there needs to be a 60-vote threshold to advance most legislation to President Biden’s desk.”

The report explains “Progressive Democrats see the filibuster as an outdated relic that can be used by the minority Republican Party under McConnell to derail Biden’s agenda, and they want to do away with it. They point to the way the filibuster was wielded during the 20th century to stall civil rights legislation, and warn of a repeat.”

AOC recently spoke on her view of the only way to pass a $15 minimum wage.

“Our two options are realistically this: override the parliamentarian or eliminate the filibuster,” the NY lawmaker said. “Those are the only two paths that we have in order to create substantive change in the United States, and that is what people across the country want.”

If Manchin stays true to his word to continue to oppose eliminating the filibuster, that option for Democrat will be essentially gone.