Manchin Calls on Trump to Get Rid of Rudy, Gets Blasted By Scathing Trump Tweet

Friday, West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin called for President Trump to get rid of Giuliani.

Manchin accused Trump of “using rogue proxies such as Rudy Giuliani” to run “around playing with foreign policy” and said  “I would think that the president would not do that, and I don’t think – if he didn’t realize he had done it, it did happen, and it’s got to stop.”

Manchin continued “I would hope that he would take just a pause and say, hey weren’t not doing this anymore, Rudy, you’re out of the game now. We’re not playing this anymore.”

Trump responded with the following tweet:

I was very surprised & disappointed that Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia voted against me on the Democrat’s totally partisan Impeachment Hoax. No President has done more for the great people of West Virginia than me (Pensions), and that will….

….always continue. Every Republican Senator except Romney, many highly religious people, all very smart, voted against the Impeachment Hoax. @SenCapito was all in (a great person). I was told by many that Manchin was just a puppet for Schumer & Pelosi. That’s all he is!


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