Man who vandalized NY George Floyd statue 48 hours after it was installed arrested

A man who vandalized George Floyd’s statue in NY City with paint has been arrested.

Micah Beals, a 37-year-old man from Manhattan has been arrested and charged with criminal mischief.

Lindsay Eshelman, co-founder of the group Confront Art, told CBS New York the statue was vandalized just 48 hours after being installed.

Prior to Beals arrest NYPD Crime Stoppers offered a reward up to $3,500 to identify him.

Confront Art’s Angie Onmars told CBS New York “It’s the memory, you know. The memory is being tainted and we want to shed light. We did this out of good intention for the community and it’s really sad this is happening.” Onmars said it “hurts the Floyd family as well to see the son that they lost, the brother that they lost is being vandalized again.”