VIDEO: Man who doubted Gorilla Glue story ends up in ER after gluing his lip shut for video

A man who did not believe the viral “Gorilla Glue” story ended up in the ER after gluing his lip shut to a cup for a demonstration video.

Len Martin “didn’t believe” Tessica’s story and thought she was lying.

Thinking it was just an “online challenge” he put gorilla glue on a cup and put it on his lips.

“I thought she was just playing around; I didn’t think it was that serious,” Martin told Fox 8 News.

“All these challenges going on, I thought, ‘I’ma go ahead and try it.’ And it went backwards.”

He then learned quickly that gorilla glue is no joke, ending up in the ER.

Per Hot97 “Doctors had to “execute a painful peeling to remove the cup from his face. He has to care for his injuries by covering the afflicted area for upwards of three weeks and if it doesn’t heal correctly, he will have to undergo surgery to remove the tip of his lip, HNHH reports. “



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