Man Wearing “White Lives Matter Too Much” Shirt Pummels Elderly Man During Columbus Statue Skirmish

Skirmishes erupted on Wednesday (June 24) between protesters over the removal of a statue of Christopher Columbus in Wooster Square, New Haven, Connecticut.

Police were forced to intervene after members of the Italian American Heritage Foundation, who were in favor of keeping the statue, and others who oppose it, became physical.

One man wearing a “White Lives Matter Too Much” T-shirt is involved in the skirmish and pummeled an elderly man.

BizPacReview reports a Latino “protester” broke a loudspeaker over the head of a senior citizen during a scuffle over the removal of a Christopher Columbus statue in Wooster Square Park in New Haven, Connecticut.

Police intervened to deescalate the situation after “protesters” clashed with members of the Italian-American Heritage Foundation, who were protesting the removal of the statue.

The Columbus statue has stood in Wooster Square Park for 125 years — including during the eight-year presidency of Barack Obama — when Black Lives Matter apparently didn’t find it offensive.

In the harrowing video, a Latino man assaults an old white man with a loudspeaker and wrestles him to the ground. The assailant is wearing a T-shirt with the words “White Lives Matter Too Much.”

The attacker apparently believes that white lives should matter less, which may explain why he beat an old white man over the head.

Ironically, a police officer eventually intervened to protect the Latino assailant from the angry crowd after he assaulted the senior citizen.

One man in the crowd yells at the attacker as he cowers behind the police officer: “Now you want the cops! NOW you want them, huh?”

Watch the video here.