Man Wearing “F Trump” Shirt Sucker Punches Man Holding American Flag in Portland

Reporter Andy Ngo shared a pair of disturbing videos of a man wearing a “F Trump” shirt sucker punching a man who was holding an American Flag.

Before the man with the “F-Trump” shirt strikes he appears to say “because we’re f**king done with people like you.”


Per Andy Ngo:

Portland: A man tried to help the man carrying a US flag who was getting beaten on the ground at yesterday’s antifa/BLM riot.

They chased him away and kicked him in the face when he was unconscious on the ground.

On Friday night, a Fox News reporter and his crew were attacked outside the White House by BLM & antifa extremists. They hit them and destroyed their camera equipment.

The Portland Police tweeted:

Two arrests have been made related to this evenings riot. Another arrest was made around 3:30 p.m. yesterday afternoon related to the demonstration near the Justice Center. Details will be provided in a press release when more information becomes available.

Andy Ngo replied “Two.”

Another Twitter user replied “Just two? Seems like a lot more should have been made.”