Man claims to have been shot in CHAZ, blames cops for not responding fast enough

A man who says he was shot at CHAZ says he needs legal and media help to get his story “out there.”

He is also blaming police for not responding fast enough.

The man says “I was shot in Seattle in CHAZ on Friday. The cops left me out there to die. I need help with somebody in legal or media to get my story told and get it out there.”

One Twitter user replied “I thought that was the point that it was suppose to be a Cop free zone. Why is he complaining that they left him to die? You can’t have it both ways.”

Another Twitter user replied “The best person to file a lawsuit against is @MayorJenny because she ordered the police to stand down and closed the precinct. Yet, right after you were shot, she decided to close down CHAZ/CHOP, open the precinct and bring back the police. The POLICE ARE NOT TO BLAME.”