Man Charged With Assaulting 15 Yr Old Trump Supporter Speaks Out, Claims Mental Health Problems

Patrick Bradley, the man accused of assaulting a 15 year old Trump supporter is apologizing and claiming mental health problems.


SFGate reports a man accused of assaulting several people at a campaign tent for President Donald Trump outside a New Hampshire polling location apologized to a judge Friday.

Patrick Bradley, 34, of Windham, said he let his emotions get the better of him, WMUR-TV reported.

“This is a big screwup,” Bradley said.

Police said Bradley cursed at Trump supporters in their tent while he was on his way to cast his ballot at Windham High School in the first-in-the-nation presidential primary Tuesday. When he left, he allegedly slapped a 15-year-old Trump supporter who said, “Goodbye, sir,” to him, prosecutors said.

He then allegedly assaulted two adults who tried to intervene. He’s also accused of throwing campaign signs and trying to to knock over the tent.

Bradley was arrested Thursday and charged with three counts of simple assault and one count of disorderly conduct.

He is being held on those charges and a probation violation on $5,000 cash bail.

Prosecutors said he has two prior convictions of simple assault and reckless conduct.

Bradley said the convictions “were due to mental health problems, and this is a relation of that.”

Fox News reports Donald Trump Jr. reached out to the 15-year-old Trump supporter who was allegedly assaulted outside a polling place on New Hampshire primary day this week, telling him that the Trump family has “family has your back.”

“So it turns out that I actually met the 15 year old victim shortly before he was attacked by a sick leftist,” Trump Jr. tweeted. “I asked an aide to find his number & just got off the phone with him & his mother. I thanked them for being such strong supporters. My family has your back Nate! #MAGA.”