Man battling coronavirus explains what it’s like, says “I ain’t never felt this bad”

ABC reports a man in Rome, Georgia, said he was initially sent home after he went to the hospital with flu-like symptoms and later tested positive for coronavirus.

Clay Bentley told ABC News on Wednesday that on March 1 he sang in the more-than-100-member choir at the Church at Liberty Square in Cartersville, Georgia.

Bentley said he went home after church and woke up Monday morning, feeling so sick he went to urgent care in Rome, Georgia. When they checked his vitals, he said, his oxygen levels were really low and he was sent to a hospital.

“I was so weak that I couldn’t even stand up,” he told ABC News.

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At Redmond Regional Medical Center, the medical staff ran additional tests on him for the flu and pneumonia but he said the tests all came back negative.

“Then they asked me if I had been out of the country,” he recalled, “and I told them ‘No.’ … So they sent me home, and over the next four days, I got really bad. … I called the hospital Friday morning. … [I said:] ‘I’m not getting any better. … I don’t know what I’m supposed to do.’ So they told me to come back to the hospital. And, that’s when they saw it was really bad.”

When he returned to the hospital, he was tested for coronavirus, and the test came back positive.

“I just assumed I had the flu,” said Bentley, who described his symptoms as “basic flu-like symptoms,” including no energy, difficulty breathing, body aches, chills and fevers.

His adult son, a police officer, has been quarantined at home along with his 4-year-old grandson, whose school was also shut down, Bentley said.

Bentley is currently quarantined in the hospital.

“I have had the flu before, but I ain’t never felt this bad,” he said.

He said he’d been told that seven or eight people in the choir were in the hospital.

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