Man arrested for trying to carjack woman, choke her son, just ten minutes after being released from jail

Wednesday the Salinas Police Department posted on Facebook:

At about 1:16 this afternoon, Daniel Orozco (28) was released from county jail after being arrested by #chpmonterey a day prior for DUI-drugs and driving the wrong way on the road. Not more than 10 minutes later Orozco forced a female out of her car in the parking lot of Natividad Medical Center. The female refused to give up the keys to her car so Orozco began to strangle the female’s 11 year old child.

The female gave her keys up and pulled her child out of the car before Orozco fled the scene. With help from #chpmonterey and Gonzales Police Department he was arrested along Highway 101. Orozco was again booked into county jail for carjacking, kidnapping, child endangerment and assault with a deadly weapon. #teamwork #backtojail


Per Breitbart, a man was arrested last week for allegedly attempting to carjack a woman and then choking her young son just ten minutes after being released from jail.

Daniel Orozco, 28-years-old, was released from the Monterey County, California, jail after being arrested by highway patrol officers for allegedly driving while under the influence of drugs and driving the wrong way.

After his arrest, Orozco was almost immediately released from jail. About ten minutes after his release, Salinas Police Department officials said Orozco allegedly forced a female driver out of her car in a parking lot.

Orozco, Salinas officials said, began choking the woman’s 11-year-old son after she refused to give him the keys to her car. Eventually, the woman gave Orozco her keys and pulled her son out of the car, Salinas officials said, and Orozco fled the scene.

Orozco was arrested on Highway 101 and was again booked into the Monterey County Jail. He has been charged with carjacking, kidnapping, child endangerment, and assault with a deadly weapon.