Male-Born Runner Named NCAA Big Sky Conference Female Athlete Of The Week

June Eastwood, born male, has been named the NCAA Big Sky Conference female athelete of the week.

Many felt it was unfair to female athletes born female.

Carrie wrote

“All I can think of are all those girls who have trained so hard and then along comes the celebrated trans athlete. How must they feel that they have been so quickly pushed aside now something better has arrived. This can’t be right surely.”

Another Twitter user responded to the news by asking:

How is this not a blatant Title IX violation? Taking opportunities away from biological women?

RIP women’s sports.

A video from Sept 2019 profiled June’s story.



DailyCaller reports The Big Sky Conference named University of Montana runner June Eastwood, a biological male who identifies as a transgender woman, the cross-country female athlete of the week.

“June Eastwood finished second in a field of 204 runners at the Santa Clara Bronco Invitational,” helping “Montana place seventh as a team,” the conference noted in its announcement Tuesday.

Eastwood previously competed on the University of Montana’s men’s team.

The University of Montana’s athletic director previously cited NCAA policy in explaining why Eastwood was competing on the women’s team. The NCAA allows male runners who identify as transgender women to compete in women’s athletics after suppressing testosterone levels for a full calendar year.

Scientific research indicates male athletes retain competitive advantages over female athletes, even after suppressing testosterone.

Popular podcast host Joe Rogan recently commented on trans cyclist Rachel McKinnon.

Rogan believes male born athletes should not be allowed to compete with biological males.


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