“Main character syndrome” Richardson under fire for tweeting “Missing me yet?”

U.S. track star Sha’Carri Richardson is under fire for tweeting “Missing me yet?” a day prior to the 100 meter sprint finals.

Richardson could not compete due to testing positive for Marijuana use.

One user replied:

Damn bro you could have cheered on your teammates…………………but nooo you came on here to blow smoke up your own ass.

But anyways we move OUT THERE MY SIDE

Another Twitter user replied “This is what happens when you justify someone’s mistake by blaming everyone but her. She literally has main character syndrome and hasn’t learnt from it at all sis no one missed you u was never there but you want to be”

Jeff Zausch replied:

Miss you??
We don’t even know who you are!
The entire world is being pleasantly entertained by incredible athletes who are able to follow rules. Period.
Let’s go USA!

Another Twitter user replied “This is bad sportsmanship. You should be celebrating the women who made it to the Olympics and are trying their best, instead of making cocky remarks about competition you haven’t attended even once.


Another replied “She doesn’t understand what being humble means. God removed her for a reason and it shows loudly smh”

A day later 3 Jamaican women swept the podium in the event.

Richardson congratulated them.