Madonna Slams Trump, But Her Tour and New Album are Looking Like a FLOP!

Bruce Springsteen and Madonna both have new albums coming out June 14th, but one is destined to be a huge success and the other is looking like a flop.

Madonna has been a vocal anti-Trump activist. Per TheHill, she recently slammed President Trump, calling him a classic alpha male who bullies others out of insecurity.

“They’re overcompensating for how insecure they feel,” the “Madame X” singer told The New York Times Magazine of Trump and people like him in a wide-ranging profile published Wednesday.

“A man who is secure with himself, a human who is secure with themselves, doesn’t have to go around bullying people all the time,” the 60-year-old Grammy winner said.

The president, said Madonna, is someone “who seemed to be systematically removing all of our personal freedoms.”

Per ShowBiz411, So far, Amazon lists Bruce Springsteen at number 1 in CD sales of all its discs, even though it hasn’t been released. Amazon buyers have already made “Western Stars” number 1. As for digital, Amazon lists “Western Stars” at number 44. That’s not surprising. As I said, the bulk of Bruce’s sales won’t come from streaming or Spotify or Apple Music.

As for Madonna, “Madame X” is the number 97 CD on the top 100. On the Amazon digital chart, it’s a much worse story– somewhere in the 500s. There is not much clamor for “Madame X.”

Meanwhile, Per the NYPost, the “Material Girl” singer’s “Madame X” tour that kicks off in New York City on Sept. 12 is off to a surprisingly sluggish start, with hundreds of seats still available for most gigs after more than a month on the block, The Post has learned.

That’s despite the fact that the 60-year-old pop star’s upcoming tour will focus on small, theater-type venues that typically only have a few thousand seats each.

After initial reports that the first shows sold out, an interactive seat map that went live on Ticketmaster’s website this week shows that hundreds of seats are still available for each gig.

For an Oct. 7 concert at the 2,100-seat BAM Howard Gilman Opera House — the last night of a 17-night stand that’s slated for Brooklyn — more than half of its $357 mezzanine seats were unsold as of Tuesday afternoon, according to Ticketmaster’s map.

Prime seats directly in front of the stage in the orchestra, also priced at $357, were still available by the dozens. Meanwhile, only half of the $257 balcony seats were taken, with many already being offered at a discount on StubHub — one as low as $220.

That shows a “shocking” lack of interest in Madonna, according to one insider. Her 2015-2016 “Rebel Heart Tour” grossed $170 million at venues that often drew more than 30,000 fans for a single performance.