Louisiana GOP “profoundly disappointed” in GOP Senator who voted with Dems on Impeachment Constitutionality

The Louisiana GOP has expressed disappointment in Senator Bill Cassidy for choosing to be one of the 6 Republican Senators to vote with Democrats on the side of ruling the impeachment trial of Trump as constitutional.

The party said in a statement “rhe Republican Party of Louisiana is profoundly disappointed by Senator Bill Cassidy’s vote on the constitutionality of the impeachment trial now underway against former President, now private citizen, Donald J. Trump.”

“We feel that an impeachment trial of a private citizen is not only an unconstitutional act, but also an attack on the very foundation of American democracy, which will have far reaching and unforeseen consequences for our republic,” the add.

Cassidy explained his vote during am interview, saying  “the House managers made a compelling, cogent case and the president’s team did not.”