Loudoun County students plan walkout after sexual assault by boy wearing skirt in girls’ bathroom

Students in Loudoun County, Virginia, are planning to participate in a walkout in protest of sexual assault cases at the public school system and in solidarity with victims.

Per Fox News “A judge found a boy guilty on Monday of sexually assaulting a girl in the girls’ bathroom last spring at Stone Bridge High School. The boy was reportedly wearing a skirt during the incident. ‘

Scott Smith, the girl’s father is planning to sue over the crime and their handling of it.

The principal is asking the students to do so “without signage.”

Michelle Luttrell, the principal of Loudon County high school said “Students who choose to participate will not be penalized for their participation; however, we do ask that students who participate do so peacefully, without signage, and in accordance with the Students Rights and Responsibilities we all reviewed and signed at the beginning of the year.”