Lou Holtz explains how he was told he’d be receiving the Medal of Freedom

In an interview with the DailyCaller, legendary football coach Lou Holtz revealed how he was told he’d be receiving the Presidential medal of freedom from President Trump.

Holtz explained “President Trump called me one Saturday morning … and said ‘you’re going to received the Medal of Freedom. I was called out of the blue. No inkling whatsoever.”

He continued “I was quite surprised and shocked. I never expected it.”

“My wife and my family, the sacrifices that they’ve made over the years and we just, we just tried to do the right thing and help as many people as we can. I made a lot of mistakes and do dumb things … but, you know, I am humbled by it, and I can’t tell you why I got it.” he added.

Holtz explained “I didn’t make the decisions, I didn’t campaign for it, didn’t have anything to do with it. I’m not saying I deserve it. Other people did and they put forward the effort.”

Lou Holtz gave a memorable speech in support of Trump in last month’s RNC convention.