Liz Peek “Joe Biden’s campaign is an insult to the American people”

In a new Op-Ed for Fox News, Liz Peek writes “Joe Biden’s campaign is an insult to the American people.”

Peek lambasts the former Vice President for keeping a low profile in what critics joke is “hiding in the basement.”

Peek asks “Did he and his handlers really imagine that the former vice president could compete for the highest office in the land while cowering in his basement and refusing the scrutiny of a challenging press? Did they seriously think it was appropriate for the candidate to turn his campaign over to his wife and now his running mate Kamala Harris?.”

Peek also blasts Biden for making himself available for so few interviews the last month.

She writes “Last month, the former VP sat for only 10 television interviews, nine of which were with local small stations. The other was a sit-down with fawning Joy Reid of MSNBC. He has done not one of the hard-hitting Sunday shows, preferring to appear on late-night comedy hours instead.”

Peek alter says “Drooping polls are not only booting him from his basement, but they have also reportedly forced from Biden recent statements mildly condemning the riots and violence that have shaken so many Democrat-led cities.”

and concludes by asking “How can Joe Biden keep us safe if he’s afraid to leave his basement?”