Liz Cheney stirs debate after comparing Trump unfavorably to GW Bush

Liz Cheney stirred debate after comparing former President Trump with former President GW Bush.

Cheney wrote “I like Republican presidents who win re-election.”

Jon Schweppe replied “Weird flex from someone who’s not going to win her own re-election”

A Liz Cheney support replied “I might be from the other side of the isle, but I miss this Republican Party!!!! Let’s hope it returns SOON!! Thx Liz Cheney for believing in our country and taking a stand others didn’t have the guts too.”

Jason Roberge replied “This will go down as one of the largest miscalculations of 2021”

Last week, Donald Trump Jr. tweeted:

CNN’s favorite “Republican” Liz Cheney isn’t from Wyoming.

She grew up in Virginia & lives in the swamp.

Liz doesn’t represent Wyoming, she represents DC elites. So no wonder she’s spending her time raising money outside of Wyoming with people who hate our conservative values!