Controversy: Twitter Users Thought Reporter Called McEnany a “Lying B**ch”


White House transcript confirms reporter did not call Kayleigh McEnany an obscenity
Reporter Kimberly Halkett denied calling White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany a “lying b*tch,” clarifying that she said, “Okay, you don’t want to engage” after McEnany did not answer Halkett’s question at Tuesday’s press briefing. Journalists confirmed that Halkett’s claim is supported by the official White House transcript.

Twitter has erupted with controversy as several users believe that a reporter called Kayleigh McEnany a “lying b*tch.”

However, Daniel Dale says that’s not what the reporter said and believes she muttered “OK, you don’t want to engage.”

Listen and judge for yourself:

This just happened, this reporter called WH Press Secretary Mcenany, a lying b*tch. These are the type of people this administration has to put up with and it’s getting old. ⁦@POTUS


@TuckerCarlson at the end of this lady’s questions I thought I heard her call Kayleigh Mcenany a lying b*tch . Did I hear her right

I heard it. We all heard it. There is no planet on which it is okay to call @PressSec a “f_cking lying bitch” in the press room—and that reporter needs their credentials revoked. This is the hostility the press treats her with every single day and it’s a disgrace.

The reporter embroiled in this controversy is Kimberly Haskett.

She has yet to comment on Twitter on the matter, but did fire back at Richard Grennell over a criticism of her not mentioning China.