LISTEN: Trump Refers to Kamala Harris as “a mad woman”

Moments ago, calling in to Fox Business with Maria Bartiromo, President Trump referred to Kamala Harris as “a mad woman.”

“These people are crazy, ok?” Trump ranted “and this is what we’re getting and it’s amazing how sleepy Joe buys into it. He buys into it…he doesn’t know what he’s doing and now you have sorta a mad woman I call her, because she was so angry such hatred with Justice Kavanaugh.”

This is the contentious exchange between Kamala Harris and Brett Kavanaugh President Trump is referring to.


Per Daniel Dale:

So far this morning, Trump has called
– Kamala Harris “a mad woman,” “angry” and “condescending”
– Mika Brzezinski a “ditzy airhead”
– Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez “not even a smart person”