LISTEN: Trump calls Biden admin “catastrophic” in new interview

Appearing on the Clay Travis and Buck Sexton radio show former President Donald Trump called the Biden administration “catastrophic.”

Trump was asked “How do you view this Biden administration now that we’re months into it?”

He responded “Well, it’s catastrophic, if you look at the border, if you look at the way other countries are treating us. They treat us like dirt. Even Europe, of course, when I say “even,” Europe was always bad. Europe treats us so bad economically and even militarily, if you look at NATO. I got $430 billion by being strong on the NATO. They weren’t paying their bills.”

“They weren’t paying. Germany was at 1%. They’re supposed to be at 2%, and 2% is very low. So we were defending them and getting — excuse me, I hate to use the language but it’s very descriptive — getting screwed on trade. You know, I’d say, “How many…?” I said, “Angela, how many Chevrolets right now are being sold in Munich?” And (laughs) she looks at me and smiles,” he continued.

“You know, in the meantime we take the Mercedes and we take their cars and we sell ’em like hotcakes, right? So, no. It was a one-way street, both on trade and on the military. You know, NATO, they just weren’t paying their bills. And then they make a deal with Russia where they’re paying billions and billions of dollars for energy coming from Russia with the pipeline,” Trump added.