LISTEN: Nunes predicts “some people will go to prison” with Durham report coming

Appearing on the Sara Carter Shows podcast, Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) predicted some people will go to prison with the Durham report coming.

Per Sara Carter:

“Where’s John Durham? What happened to William Barr? What about the report,” I asked. Believe me, when I tell you I’m almost just as jaded as the rest of the American public when it comes to the Justice Department’s failure to hold those senior Obama officials accountable.

After speaking with Nunes, I’m hoping he is right. I just can’t imagine how the United States can remain the Republic it was intended to be if the Justice Department fails to uphold the law and charge those responsible for the crimes they committed against the American people.

Nunes told me that he expects Durham’s report to be delivered. He also believes people will be charged by the DOJ.

After speaking to him on the podcast, I am holding onto that hope as well.

“I just have to have faith ultimately, that there’s that, you know, there was a special counsel created, Durham does have the power, we’re fully expecting him to deliver the report,” said Nunes, adding that it may be as early as next week. “It may not be as broad as we want it to be. But look, there are some major perpetrators. I think, as you and everybody else know, we’ve made over 14 criminal referrals. That doesn’t mean 14 individuals, that means 14 different criminal referrals involving multiple individuals… And this is one of the challenges.”