LISTEN: Meghan Markle’s half sister reacts to Oprah interview, accuses her of lying and having “narcissistic personality disorder”

Appearing Monday on Australian radio show “Fifi, Fev and Nick,” Meghan Markle’s half sister, Samantha Markle called her a liar with “narcissistic personality disorder.”

She did however show some sympathy for Harry, saying “I feel sorry for Harry. She pulled him away from his family, all of his friends, the life that he knew.”

Samantha also fired back and Meghan’s claims she only changed her last name back to Markle after she had began dating Prince Harry.

“My name’s been Markle since 1969,” Samantha fired back. “Clearly, my name has always been Markle, so that was weird… And Meghan saying she was an only child was ‘delusional.’”

“Get Dr. Phil on my sister,” Samantha added in another dig.