LISTEN: Lawrence O’ Donnell Admits “There Will Be No One Defending” Trump on MSNBC

Despite the obvious liberal bias at MSNBC and CNN, the cable news networks generally purport to offer a variety of opinions and “fair” coverage.

However, O’Donnell went off script of the playbook claiming fair coverage and admitted outright while a guest on the Al Franken podcast that there will be NO ONE defending President Trump on MSNBC.

MRC reports a rare moment of candor, MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell admitted what the network has become: An echo chamber that won’t accept debate.

Appearing Sunday on The Al Franken Podcast, O’Donnell disputed the idea that CNN “hates Trump.” The host contrasted, “On MSNBC there will be no one defending [Trump] because we don’t bring on liars. I don’t bring on a liar. I won’t do that.”


So, there you go. MSNBC won’t allow diversity of thought because “we don’t bring on liars.” The President is routinely compared to Hitler on MSNBC. Would disputing that be “lies,” according to O’Donnell? Challenging the idea that CNN is anti-Trump, the host attacked the network for…allowing people to defend Republicans:

No, they don’t [hate Trump]. One third of the people on their payroll love Trump. So, you’re guaranteed on any hour of CNN to, minimum, one third of the programming will be supportive of Trump. Someone on their payroll saying, “Here’s why Trump is right.”

One third of CNN’s programming is defending Trump? Has he ever watched his competitor? Franken, the former Democratic senator, asked for a clarification:

FRANKEN: Are you saying that to defend  Trump, you have to lie? 

O’DONNELL: Yes, absolutely. 

FRANKEN: Of course. Of course. 

O’DONNELL: How else do you defend a liar, a pathological liar who lies about everything? You have to lie. So, CNN has people on the payroll who they basically pay to tell their lies to the CNN audience in the middle of, you know, a CNN hour for some number of minutes.