LISTEN: Falwell Jr. Says He’ll “Call for Civil Disobedience” if VA Dems Pass Gun Laws

Liberty University President and Staunch Trump supporter Jerry Falwell Jr. vowed to “call for civil disobedience” if Virginia Democrats pass gun control bills at this year’s General Assembly session.

Governor Northam has not backed down from his gun-control agenda, despite over 100 counties and cities declaring themselves “2nd amendment sanctuaries” in defiance of restrictions they believe are unconstitutional and thousands of NRA members gathering at the capitol building in a show of unity.

Wednesday, Northam declared a temporary state of emergency ahead of a gun rights rally, claiming an imminent threat and saying “Let me be clear. These are considered credible, serious threats by our law enforcement agencies.”


Per WashingtonExaminer, Liberty University President Jerry Falwell Jr. said he will “call for civil disobedience” if Virginia Democrats pass several gun control bills during this year’s General Assembly session.

Speaking on Todd Barnes’s podcast ToddCast, Falwell said he had “never seen such a response from my fellow Virginians, negative response, to any proposal ever out of Richmond.”

The Democratic majority appears poised to pass monumental legislation that will change the Second Amendment rights of Virginia citizens. Some of the legislation proposed by Democrats includes a ban on assault weapons, the introduction of controversial red flag laws that temporarily confiscate the guns of citizens who are deemed a risk, and a monthly limit to handgun purchases.

“I will not be surprised at all if the citizens and police in a good part of Virginia just decided not to enforce whatever this governor and legislature passes,” remarked Falwell.

Falwell, who became president of the private evangelical Christian university after his father died, has claimed that President Trump and Vice President Mike Pence represent the most faith-friendly White House “ever.”

On Wednesday, Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam declared a temporary emergency gun ban on State Capitol grounds ahead of the annual Virginia Citizens Defense League pro-gun rally scheduled for Monday, Jan. 20, outside the General Assembly.